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May We Present…

…Diminutive Designs! This month MSAS features 90 pieces of small artwork creatively produced by over 20 artists (Clare Murray Adams,  Marty Chapman, Wayne Chunat, Jennifer Collins, Therese Cook, Lynn Digby, Laura Donnelly, Jack Fetzer, Joli Fichter, Jeanie Gordon, Joan Henninger, Judi Longacre, Priscilla Sally Lytle, John Madden, Terri Madden, Erin T. Mulligan, Michelle Mulligan, Anna Rather, Lynda Rimke, Irene Tobias Rodriguez, Gail Wetherell-Sack, Elizabeth Smith, Paula Smith, Isaac Stanley, Nicole Wong). Beth Gray, Dennis Kempthorne and Bob Ventre filled the opening reception with magical music as the gallery buzzed with the hum of patrons perusing the miniature offerings. If you had to miss the exhibit opening, be sure to visit before the show closes on June 6th. MSAS expresses deep gratitude to this month’s sponsor, Edward Jones Financial.

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November Featured Artist…

…Priscilla Sally Lytle!  The Market Street Art Spot will open a new exhibit Friday, November 8th, with a “meet the artist” reception from 5 to 9 pm.

11 Lytle_Nov_8_2013_PC“Childhood memories of making marks and coloring on the walls of my childhood home still bring me a smile. My formal art training began at the Cleveland Institute of Art. After graduation I landed a full time position with a respectable ad agency. My graphics and illustration work gained recognition, winning  local awards. Eventually I was offered a position with a manufacturing
company as Director of Advertising. My print designs were winning national awards. However, I seldom drew anything more than thumb nail sketches. Disenchanted and burnt out, I left  the company and began to freelance,
supplementing my income by training horses and teaching riding lessons.  I started making art for myself as well as doing commissioned portraits of horses and pets. In 2003 I moved into the new studio and home I had designed and built on my farm. I started taking workshops with artists that I admired and connecting with local artists groups. Those experiences took me back to the camaraderie I felt in college. And reminded me that Art is Heart. I still work diligently in my efforts to master the artists’ tools. And still love experimenting with new mediums and processes. Drawing is my true North. When I’m feeling artistically stymied or lost I go to my pencils or charcoal or a stick in the dirt. And begin making marks.”

Natasha Addessi will provide the musical backdrop for the event. Refreshments will be served. Sponsoring the event is Gotschall/Hutchison Funeral Home. Exhibit ends on December 7th.