by Anna Rather

When I think of where I come from

There are no people or things

Instead I think of the Atlantic Ocean

This is where I come from

Jamestown, Rhode Island

The ocean very cold, dark, very salty

Fishes swimming in the sea

at night, phosphorus lighting up the black water

Waves on the rocks

Crashing and receding

            Crashing and receding

                        Crashing and receding

When I swim, the water engulfs me

I can see the sea creatures hiding

I become one of them

They are not afraid

I am not afraid.

“My name is Anna Rather and I’m from Texas. I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, and have done art all my life. I have a BFA, from University of North Texas, a MA from Ball State Indiana and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in California. I have just moved to Minerva from California, because of more opportunity. I have worked in many mediums including, painting, collage, woodcut, Intaglio printmaking, mono print and sculpture. My work in this series deals mainly about the ocean and what I was feeling at the time of creating the plate and printing it. I have evolved from that into a series of diary portraits, but instead of the written word I show the diary in picture.”

"I become one with them"

Anna is our January Featured Artist…come on out to meet her!



2 responses to “January

  1. I stopped in the Art Spot today and what a wonderful little jewel for Minerva it is! A very nice group of art and a great atmosphere. Their featured artist this month has some very nice pieces. Everyone should stop in and support this local art co-op! Nicely done.

  2. Audra, thanks so much for your very encouraging comment!

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