Poetry of Captivity by Erin Mulligan


Erin Mulligan is a professional artist living and working out of Canton, Ohio. She has been actively creating art for nearly her whole life.  Growing up in an artistic family, it had always been her dream to be creative, to speak to others through her art and to make this her life.  Most of Erin’s drawing technique was learned from drawing so much as a child, helped along by encouragement from her family, and the guidance of her mother and grandmother.   At fifteen her grandmother introduced her to oil paints and taught her in the French Impressionistic style.  In 2003 she began lessons with Frank Dale, a modern day master who teaches his students in the age old oil-painting technique of glazing.  This is the approach to painting which Erin uses today because it allows for so much depth and incredible detail.  Most of Erin’s art has something meaningful to say, sometimes it is obvious, but sometimes the connection is almost subconscious. “Life” – the ugly, the beautiful, the mundane, the morbid …the everything – and the connections which hold it all together – is what Erin is trying to convey through her subjects.

“Art is a form of communication which brings people’s souls together.  It is an expression of ideas, with or without words, which allows everyone to share at a level where we are all similar.”


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