Marty Chapman

Marty” Chapman is a retired attorney, prosecutor, former McKinley High School English and Journalism teacher, WHBC newscaster/reporter and part time farmer turned wood turner and turning teacher.

He had his first one-man show, Turning Point at the 2nd April Gallerie  in 2010 which represented the first comprehensive showing of individual  woodturning work in the Stark county area.

Marty  has shown and sold pieces through 2nd April Gallerie and the Canton Museum of Art  Museum Store, the Carroll County Community Arts Council Store in Carrollton and at occasional craft shows. His work is in private and corporate collections from Minerva and Canton to San Diego, Washington DC, Seattle, Houston and as far a field as Canada and Malasia. One of his pieces was recently featured in the Stark  Artthology  coffeetable book from Indigo Press.His work has shown at museums in Wooster, Massillon, Carrollton and Canton.

He regularly demonstrates wood- turning and turning techniques usually free of charge to area schools, and civic groups, and has often demonstrated at craft shows and fairs, wine- tastings, First Fridays. He also teaches woodturning and router classes on a regular basis at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, N.C.

His view is that some people call it art and some call it firewood but in the end, the wood speaks for itself.

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6 responses to “Marty Chapman

  1. For Marty Chapman,

    Hi Marty,

    We briefly met at 2nd April Gallerie on 9/2/11 (First Friday). I have a jazz duet with Dan Jakab called: SOFT WINDS. I am sorry I couldn’t talk to you that evening, but I would like you to know we would be pleased and honored to play for you at Market Street Art Spot any time you would wish. Please feel free to call me at: 330 575 0422(C) or 330 877 7775 (H).

    Very truly yours,

    Loel Stein

  2. Hi Marty,
    Barry saw “Tranquility” featured in the Repository Sunday and called it to my attention. The sculture is striking in its beauty and simplicity.
    Seeing your name brought back many memories of those great days at McKinley, though they were seldom tranquil. Anyway, sincere congratulations on your latest career. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. So glad they still involve some teaching.

    I shared the article with Manny in Florida and he said he saw your work at “First Friday” a few years ago and thought it very impressive.

    Best to Carol.
    Jaci Wilbanks

  3. Marty, Last evening I and my wife attended an early Christmas dinner hosted by my daughter Michellej Mulligan. The surprise gift from three of my children was a gift that I will not only enjoy but proudly display. Evidently I made over it too many times on my visits to The Market Street Art Spot.
    I will treasure “The Knight in Question” , especaily with the background of it’s birth and history of it’s location. Thanks again for your time & talent spent on this unique piece. Joe Helaney

  4. Nice pieces. Have a good break and say hi to your brother.

  5. Marty,
    Wonderful work.
    Used to do Morning Announcements with you at McKinley………35 years ago. Still “popping my p’s”
    Great to see your work. Impressive.
    I’m into art too. Check out my website below when you have time.
    Keep it up!

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