Judith Singer

Meet Resident Artist, Judith Singer!

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“Early on I discovered clay, digging down through the sand in the box my father had built under the apple tree. I’ve been playing in mud ever since! In my father’s wood-working shop, I learned of the personal joy in creating wonderful things through practice, process, focus and craftsmanship. Those principles were reinforced and honed with a BFA in Crafts Design at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, and continuing post-graduate experiences in fine crafts design.

In fibers, metals and ceramics, my work explores the use of line, pattern, texture and color to create surface interest. I am always looking for found-objects for inspiration and incorporation, or to use as creative tools.  It is great fun to reveal to others what object has inspired an expressive form, or made a tactile surface mark.

Teaching necessitates continual learning. I enjoy opportunities to work in shared studio spaces, classes and workshops in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

My work has been shown at the Canton Museum of Art, the Massillon Museum, The Little Art Gallery and the Warren and Salem branches of the Butler Museum of American Art.”




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