Joan Henninger

Joan is currently serving as a volunteer as much of her time is devoted to caring for her parents.

Joan Henninger has lived most of her life in Minerva, Ohio, where, at age 14 began art lessons with local artist Jean Calerdine Browne, her mentor for 40 years.

Joan received a Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University with an education major and art minor.

During the 32 years that she taught in the Minerva Local School District, Joan often used art to motivate her students in all areas of study.  Summertime gave her time to paint both locally and on her travels.

“My oil painting is generally realistic; I find the visual world around me to be a place of wonder and amazement, and I want my work to reflect this.  Most of the time I am a Plein Air artist because I paint on location in the open air.  Recent work has focused on nature, architecture, and a wide experience of places I have been.”

Joan has exhibited and won awards at Butler Art Institute of America, Algonquin Mill Festival, Salem YMCA Art Show, Stark County Fair, Minerva Arts and Craft Fair, Lost Gold Festival in Minerva, Steam Railroad Museum, Zoar Art Show, and the Carroll County Commission for the Advancement of the Arts in Carrollton, which she did a show.  Last year Joan was chosen for the Stark County artist gallery.

*Demands of life have taken Joan away from her responsibilities as a Resident Artist for the time being, but she continues on with us as a Display Artist and volunteer.

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