Dona McCloskey

Dona has moved on to another chapter in her life and is no longer a Resident artist, but you can still view her lovely watercolors on display at the MSAS.

Dona McCloskey, a local watercolor artist, is once again realizing her passion for the arts, after years of making a home for her husband and three boys.  While studying art at Youngstown University, she first learned how to define it – “Art is the expression of one’s feelings with whatever resources are at hand.”  Dona has chosen watercolor as her means of expression because she likes the way the colors flow and mix and mingle with each other. Dona says, “Watercolors can be vibrant and bold or soft and sensual creating excitement and movement on paper.”

In addition to studying at Youngstown University, Dona has been mentored by various other artists, such as world renowned artists Cheng-Khee Chee and Helga Flower; learning, then applying new techniques to her art, always challenging and stretching herself.  Dona believes that one can never learn all there is to know in the world of art, for the very nature of art itself is illusive and as individual as the artist creating it.

“Watercolors are poetry in motion. I hope you enjoy my poems.”

Dona was welcomed into Market Street Art Spot as a Resident Artist with a reception featuring her work on Friday, December 9th, 2011.


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