A Cool Breeze in August


Watercolorist, Jack Fetzer sharing with patrons.

Wonderful, wintery watercolors created by Jack Fetzer are currently on display at the Market Street Art Spot. Jack says he loves to paint the cool grays and shadows of winter scenes. A reception was held on August 7th. Tom Freeland provided music. Refreshments were served. MSAS thanks the Rotary Club of Minerva for sponsoring the event.

Coming in September…



2 responses to “A Cool Breeze in August

  1. Dawn and Pete Lampard


    Dawn and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit, yesterday, with our very interesting discussion with you and MSAS. Although we came to take a particular watercolor home, it had a dastardly little red sticker affixed.
    We didn’t leave empty handed and now enjoy pieces by Chapman, Singer and Mulligan as well as dinner at Que Pasa.
    I commented to you that my search, before leaving for Minerva, did not confirm that the watercolor artist of interest was still feature. Today, I went to the site to leave this comment and there was the painting we wanted. Poking a finger in my eye?
    Since I’m now talking about the website, I’ll report that when commenting, I went away from the comment page looking to recall the artist’s name. When returning to complete my comment, I had to start over. To make matters worse, I practiced the exercise again. For my third practice, I figured out how to recall Jack’s name.
    Continued success for you and your colleagues. We will see you again, we’re sure.

    Dawn and Pete

  2. Thank you for stopping in. We’re sorry the piece you wanted was not available, but happy you found a few substitutes! We appreciate your comments!

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