Monthly Archives: July 2012

“Art Hits the Spot” – a Fifty for $50 Benefit Show


On August 10th, the MSAS will host a benefit show for the Minerva Salvation Army Food Pantry.  More than 30 artists will partner with us in offering fifty pieces of art for just $50 each!! Raffle tickets will allow patrons the opportunity to purchase the artwork!! Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets goes entirely to the food pantry. MSAS is waiving our usual commission as a “thank you” to our artist friends who are joining us in this endeavor. Make plans now to come out for this event and support our Minerva Salvation Army Food Pantry!


July Reception

If Friday, the 13th kept you away, please don’t stay away any longer!  You’ve already missed out on so many BEAUTIFUL wooden vessels, you’ll want to have a chance at what’s still available! Kudos to Marty for putting so many hours into creating his wonderful wooden artwork for a successful “turn-out”! Many thanks to Kristen Exposito for filling the evening with such sweet music and our sincere gratitude to Minerva Area Federal Credit Union, sponsor of the reception!! Be sure to stop by and see the show before it closes.  Gallery  hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 to 6. (Get a glimpse of the evening on the July/2012 page.)

Handiwork of Marty Chapman on display for the month of July