“S’no Stopping the Show”

“The show must go on” as they say and go on it did, in spite of all the snow!  Many thanks to all who visited MSAS on the 13th in support of Anna Rather and her fun-tastic intaglio and linoleum block prints!  Roger Romeo on guitar had some of us desiring a dance floor and as always the refreshments were just the thing for a wintery Friday night.  Our sincere gratitude to Minerva Dairy who sponsored the event!  If you were unable to join us, make it a point to stop in on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays from 1 to 6 pm to get a good look at Anna’s colorful and energetic work before our FIRST ANNIVERSARY takes the stage in February!

Printmaker, Anna Rather

Printmaker, Anna Rather


6 responses to ““S’no Stopping the Show”

  1. Did so want to come, but I was a snowshow.

  2. Hehe….We did miss you, Nancy! You’ve been so great at supporting us! See you next month at our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

  3. Dorothy Mae Gween

    Sorry I missed the show.Weather didn’t cooperate. I look forward to coming again soon.

  4. My daughter and I had planned to attend, but we were little babies and decided not to make the drive. Hope to make to the February Opening.

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