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Meet June Featured Artist…Gail Wetherell-Sack

Gail Wetherell-Sack, ATR-BC, LPCC is a self-employed Registered Board Certified Art Therapist, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Professional Artist.

“Art is my sanctuary, my place of peace, healing and joy. The process of creating a collage takes me on a spiritual journey inward to a place where time stands still.  This tiny point of stillness provides a wide-open space to connect to my truest self, the Universe and to God. As I experiment intuitively with various media, colors, designs and textures, I play with my imagination and with my creative muse. I love the freedom of art media. 

What would happen if…?  It intrigues me to find ways to combine divergent materials and to balance opposing themes that create surprises for the viewer and for me. I hope my collages bring you a bit of the joy that I experience while creating them.”


Thank You!!

Thank you…Minerva  Dairy Queen…Pat Masalko…Stanley & Co….John Boyett… and everyone who came out to celebrate John Boyett and his wonderful glass creations on May 13th! If you missed it, there is still time…John’s work will be displayed for the whole month!  Stop by during the Minerva Jazzfest on the 21st to have a look while you enjoy the rest of the downtown festivities!



Come on out and greet glassblower…John Boyett

On Friday, May 13th, you’ll have the opportunity to meet John Boyett, a very gifted glass artist (read all about him on our featured artist page). Refreshments provided by “Stanley & Co.” along with music by Pat Masalko will be sure to round out an enjoyable evening for all who care to join us! Many thanks to Minerva Dairy Queen…our sponsor for the event!